Available Departments in the State of Oklahoma

Bethany Police Department

Print Code: BETH-1            Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number                                             

Broken Arrow Police Department 

Print Code: ARW-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number                            

Dewey Police Department

Print Code: DEW-1             Personalized with: Rank 

Edmond Police Department  

Print Code: EDM-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number                           

Print Code: EDM-2             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number        


Nicoma Park Police Department

Print Code: NIC-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number 

Norman Police Department

Print Code: NMN-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number                  

Print Code: NMN-K9             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number                

Oklahoma City Police Department

Print Code: OKC-1             Personalized with: Badge Number

Print Code: OKC-K9             Personalized with: Badge Number          

Print Code: OKC-2             Personalized with: Badge Number 

Print Code: OKC-ASU             Personalized with: Badge Number 

Print Code: OKC-CYC             Personalized with: Badge Number 

Print Code: OKC-CEN             Limited Edition - SOLD OUT

Oklahoma County Sheriffs Department

Print Code: OCSO-1             Personalized with: Rank               

Oklahoma Highway Patrol

Print Code: OHP-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number 

Print Code: OHP-2             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number

Print Code: OSPOA-100

Oklahoma Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association 

Tulsa Police Department 

Print Code: TUL-1             Personalized with: Badge Number

Print Code: TUL-2             Personalized with: Badge Number

Print Code: TUL-K9             Personalized with: Badge Number   

Warr Acres Police Department 

Print Code: WAR-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number      

Print Code: WAR-2             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number       

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Village Police Department 

Print Code: VLG-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number