Available Departments in the State of Texas

Allen Police Department

Print Code: ALN-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number 

Angelina County Sheriffs Department

Print Code: ANG-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number 

Arlington Police Department

Print Code: ARL-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number 

Print Code: ARL-CYC             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number

Cedar Hill Police Department

Print Code: CEDAR-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number

Cockrell Hill Police Department 

Print Code: CHPD-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number 

Dallas Police Department

Print Code: DAL-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number

Print Code: DAL-SWAT             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number  

Print Code: DAL-CYC             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number    

Print Code: DAL-RET             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number  


Farmers Branch Police Department

Print Code: FBPD-1              Personalized with: Rank

Fort Worth Marshalls

Print Code: FTWM-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number

Fort Worth Police Department

Print Code: FTW-1             Personalized with: Badge Number

Print Code: FTW-K9             Personalized with: Badge Number   

Print Code: FTW-CYC             Personalized with: Badge Number  

Print Code: FTW-MTD              Personalized with: Badge Number

Freeport Police Department

Print Code: FRPT-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number

Frisco Police Department

Print Code: FRSC-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number  

Georgetown Police Department

Print Code: GPD-1             Personalized with: Rank

Grand Prairie Police Department

Print Code: GPPD-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number 

Grayson County Sheriffs Department 

Print Code: GRAY-1             Personalized with: Rank

Harris County Sheriffs Department 

Print Code: HRS-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number

Print Code: HRS-CVT          Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number

Irving Police Department

Print Code: IRV-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number 

Lancaster Police Department  

Print Code: LAN-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number 

Lubbock Police Department

Print Code: LUB-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number 

McKinney Police Department

Print Code: MCKN-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number

Mesquite Police Department

Print Code: MSQ-1             Personalized with: Rank 

North Richland Hills Police Department 

Print Code: NRH-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number 


Richardson Police Department   

Print Code: RCH-1             Personalized with: Badge Number

Rowlett Police Department 

Print Code: ROW-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number

Sugar Land Police Department

Print Code: SUG-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number 

Tarrant County Sheriffs Department

Print Code: TRNT-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number 

Texas Municipal Police Association

Print Code: TMPA-1

Tomball Police Department 

Print Code: TOM-PD                                                                                                                                               

University of Texas, Pan American

Print Code: UTPA-1             Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number

University of Texas, Permian Basin

Print Code: UTPB-1              Personalized with: Rank & Badge Number


Forney PD, Wichita Falls PD, Pear Land PD, SMU Campus Police